Transfer Station Artist’s Residency


Transfer Station Artist’s Residency

Transfer Station Artist's Residency

Transfer Station Artist’s Residency

This is the Transfer Station Artist Residency I piloted In the summer and fall of 2013 in Fairbanks Alaska.It was really successful and it felt really good to be giving back to the community, and the arts in general, by simply providing a space to create. And what an experience to be on the ACCEPTING end of arts applications, I learned a lot from the experience on good proposal writing.

Resartis is really the best organization for artist residencies worldwide, but the Transfer Station project shows that you can easily start your own, as I did, with a spare cabin on rental property. Some people charge a fair amount of money and include food and tours for the artists, some simply share a space for cheap as I did, and casually and organically connect artists with events in the community.

I have wanted to start a residency since the early 2000’s, but my plan was always make some money, get some land then start it. That is not the only path, thankfully!