Getting Ripped for the Apocalypse

  In a world gone wrong, laid to waste in violent waves of destruction, what will you do to survive? Join us in cardiovascular glory as we run, kick and punch our way to a better future. Getting Ripped for the Apocalypse teaches you workouts for each of the nightmare scenarios that are just aroundContinue reading “Getting Ripped for the Apocalypse”

PhD Books Folder

I’ve been amassing lovely things to read, and while as my research evolves some of these are no longer directly relevant, many are still useful and interesting, particularly with regards to feminist and economic geographies. Feel free to peruse. This folder is updated monthly-ish. Doreen Massey, Gillian Rose and Gibson-Graham make up the bulk ofContinue reading “PhD Books Folder”

PhD Research Proposal

Draft Research Proposal (2018)  A person who experienced homelessness as a youth, still tenses their muscles in self-defense as they sleep every night, an embodied habit from sleeping outside for years. A young adult who grew up in multiple foster homes, feels restless in homes, jobs and relationships after a few months because that isContinue reading “PhD Research Proposal”

Moving Home – Podcast Episode!

“Amelia Merhar discusses a participatory arts-based inquiry project she co-researched with young adults who have lived in Canada’s child welfare system. In her fun, engaging, and pointed way she talks about methodology, findings, outcomes and what art can do that other forms of research might not be able to. Amelia is an artist, researcher, facilitator,Continue reading “Moving Home – Podcast Episode!”

Cartman Hartnett-Swayze’s Inspirational 2018 Calendar

Cartman is a particularly special dog, and he wanted the world to know. He wanted the world to know that no matter what, life is beautiful. 2018 was Year of the Dog, and Cartman’s 12th year on the fine planet, so it was the perfect opportunity to share his well-traveled wisdom. Cartman has been toContinue reading “Cartman Hartnett-Swayze’s Inspirational 2018 Calendar”

TL;DR A thesis in a zine!

Wow! A 168 page MA thesis, transformed into something more people might actually want to read! TL;DR (Internet slang for Too Long; Didn’t Read) is in classic zine folded format (including embracing typos), full-colour, featuring work from five co-researchers from the Moving Home project which explored the embodiment of transience among former youth in care inContinue reading “TL;DR A thesis in a zine!”

Moving Home Project

Moving Home: The Art and Embodiment of Transience Among Youth Emerging from Canada’s Child Welfare System is my MA thesis in Human Geography at York University. Working with 15 co-researcher artists ages 18-29 with lived experience in care in Toronto and Whitehorse, this project questioned what sort of people is the child welfare system inadvertentlyContinue reading “Moving Home Project”


Audio Intro via YouTube Artist Statement: The internet is about connection. Data connection, human connection, intellectual and dating connection and a myriad of more. The anonymity of it allows us to be ourselves in ways we might not feel comfortable in person, and this can be manifested in both positive and negative ways. Back inContinue reading “LiveJournal”

Rejection Collage

  Artist Statement: This piece represents the majority of art in the Yukon, and an innovative way to continue working with and through rejection. Using my last rejection letter from the Advanced Artist Award, and mixed paper acquired at the Visitor’s Centre, this project was created onsite, and speaks for the 70% of Yukon artistsContinue reading “Rejection Collage”