Getting Ripped for the Apocalypse

  In a world gone wrong, laid to waste in violent waves of destruction, what will you do to survive? Join us in cardiovascular glory as we run, kick and punch our way to a better future. Getting Ripped for the Apocalypse teaches you workouts for each of the nightmare scenarios that are just aroundContinue reading “Getting Ripped for the Apocalypse”

Cartman Hartnett-Swayze’s Inspirational 2018 Calendar

Cartman is a particularly special dog, and he wanted the world to know. He wanted the world to know that no matter what, life is beautiful. 2018 was Year of the Dog, and Cartman’s 12th year on the fine planet, so it was the perfect opportunity to share his well-traveled wisdom. Cartman has been toContinue reading “Cartman Hartnett-Swayze’s Inspirational 2018 Calendar”

Vinyl Tarot

Listen to awesome records, and figure out your life at the same time. Vinyl Tarot. A working tarot deck made of records. The cover art, artist and specific song unite, creating the coolest deck ever. Music influences our lives in so many ways. Vinyl Tarot is upfront about that influence. I have made the Major ArcanaContinue reading “Vinyl Tarot”

CD Collage Party

So, you may or may not know of my musical career as Big Mama Lele. I have been up late, gluey fingers and tiny bits of paper everywhere, making custom CD artwork.  The album is called GDFC, because that is chord progression for all of the songs. Each of these unique collages is called something different,Continue reading “CD Collage Party”

Cardboard Carnival Magical Mystery Song Show

This year for Riverside Arts Festival in Dawson City I’ve made a musical installation and performance where you play games of chance to determine elements of a song that I write up about you on the spot. Spin the bike wheel, and where it lands tells me which instrument, (ukulele, yamaha keyboard or harmonica) toContinue reading “Cardboard Carnival Magical Mystery Song Show”