Disco Meditations


This 3-part sound art series set in Dawson City plays with public places, personal relationships to them and landmark identity, using the medium of guided meditations. Satirical, clever and local, each piece is recorded and written on site. At 5 pm each day there will be a public guided meditation.

Friday August 14th at the Snake Pit

Saturday August 15th at the Quigley Landfill Free Store

Sunday August 16th at the George Black Ferry

The background music for each piece is recorded and edited on site,  and a humorous guided meditation script is written. Then synthesizer is added to complete the sound art project. Each piece is approximately 5 minutes long. If you can’t make it to Riverside Arts Fest, then please listen to these relaxing and hilarious guided meditations to connect with Dawson City. To connect with Whitehorse, please see River Guide, my 2014 sound art guided meditation recorded at 5 sites along the Yukon River.

Sounds Like the Thrift Store


I have another name. When you can’t see my face, and only hear the radio, that name is DJ Sally Ann. And DJ Sally Ann does a weekly radio show, entitled Sounds Like the Thrift Store: An amazing mix of the music you tried to ditch. 

It really is amazing. Aired Fridays at 5 pm on CJUC 92.5 Whitehorse,  streaming online at djsallyann.podomatic.com and available for download via itunes, Sounds Like the Thrift Store is an irreverent mix of cast-off tunes, flush with static and one-hit wonders. It is a place to hear music you won’t really hear anywhere else.

This show believes that there is one good song on every album. DJ Sally Ann is overwhelmed by the choice in new music available, and thus selects from the de-selected, and shares her new-found treasure.

**Note: After several years, this show is no longer airing new episodes, but there are still available on itunes and djsallyann.podomatic.com